Boy or Girl?!

We find out our baby’s gender tomorrow.. EEEK! I can't wait to stop calling our baby "it". I think it'll make it much more real when we can think about our son or daughter. We are having our close friends and family over tomorrow to find out the gender together and everyone is very excited. :)

I honestly don't think I believe in all of the Ole Wives Tales, but I want to list them anyways for fun and to see how accurate they are! :)

- Morning sickness hasn’t been tooooo bad: BOY

- Carrying high means girl and low means boy: IDK if I’m carrying high or low lol what do y’all think?

- Pregnancy acne (girl) or skin glowing (boy): I’ve had a few blemishes, but nothing crazy so I’m gonna say BOY

- Higher than 140 heart rate means girl – It was 170 last doctor’s appointment: GIRL

- Craving salty or sweets? BOTH, but mainly salty BOY

- Chinese calendar says: GIRL

- Moody (girl) vs. mellow (boy)? GIRL

- Have you been feeling extra hot (girl) or cold (boy)? BOY

Everyone is asking me what we "want".. we are truly over the moon to be having this baby (insert grateful tears) and do not care the gender of our first ba