Bridal Showers Recap

Hi friends!! Another bridal post comin' at ya ;) I am so excited to share my bridal showers with you guys - I had three AMAZING bridal showers thrown for me. My best friends, my Aunts' and my mom's best friends threw them and I truly could not be more thankful!

The first shower I want to share with you guys is the shower my two best friends (and their precious mommas) threw me at the private room in Copper Cellar Cumberland!! Amy and Merritt have been my best friends since as long as I can remember. Amy I met in seventh grade and have been inseparable ever since. She was my college roommate and now is my maid of honor.

Merritt and I became friends through soccer. We were arch rivals at first, but we eventually became best friends after she joined my competitive team in middle school. I have never had more fun with anyone in the world.

I never knew just how creative Merritt is! She made the party favors herself! They gave out cute little candles with our wedding hashtag (#itsaboutgrahamtime) and homemade bath scrub.

They had several little games going on and they were SO fun - I highly recommend these for bridal showers!

"Grab a Ring" - Basically each person at the shower had a fake ring on and if someone said anything related to a wedding such as ring, bride, gr