Cup Half Full?

Good morning!!

I was about to start out this post saying "Happy Monday", but I know so many people dread Monday mornings. I used to be right there with you until I changed my attitude about starting the week. You can either start out the week on a sour note OR you can look forward to everything you're going to accomplish this week.

I feel like there's two types of people in this world.. cup half full or cup half empty.. My Momma just bought me this cup from Dunkin' and I LOVE IT.

A few ways I help myself with the dread of Monday morning include:

1. Get everything ready Sunday night. I make mine and my husband's lunches, set out my work clothes, organize the house, hit up the grocery store, etc. By doing these things, I feel more in control on Monday morning instead of waking up late and just rushing out of the house with it a mess.