Current Favorite Hair Products

Having blonde hair is SO much fun and I love it more than anything, but it can come with many downfalls. My main piece of advice is to BABY your hair.. try not to wash it too much or use heat products too frequently. Give it a break every once in a while!

Top: These Three Boutique

Flare White Pants: Express


Who does your hair?

My girl Ashley Underwood has been doing my hair for a while now and she is truly phenomenal! Every singe one of my friends I have sent to her have nothing but good things to say! I could not recommend her more.. she is talented at what she does, plus she is the sweetest! Check out her insta here. Let me know if you'd like her contact info to set up an appointment :)

How often do you get your hair done?

I go see Ashley every 6 weeks. I alternate between a partial and full each time.

Hair by Ashley Underwood

How often do you wash your hair?