Back to the BEACH!

ICYMI... here is a roundup of everything I've talked about this week!


We went to Nashville last weekend to visit Luke's family since we couldn't go for Thanksgiving. Luke's parents met Liam right when he was born, but his grandparents and some of his siblings hadn't met him yet. We were so excited to introduce Liam to his family! He met his cousin Noah who just turned one, and they loved each other! We are so excited that they are so close in age so they can grow up together!

We came back home to Knoxville on Sunday evening and had a busy week preparing to go to Naples, Florida, yesterday for my good friend Brandi's wedding! We got a late start (typical of us, whoops!) and gave my dad some serious travel anxiety, but after our flights and a little fiasco with the rental car we made it safely! I was super worried about flying with Liam, but he actually did pretty well!! He ended up sleeping for most of the flight. We'll see how the return trip goes in a few days!