One More Week 'till CHRISTMAS

ICYMI... here is a roundup of everything I've talked about this week!


Last weekend we packed up the fam and traveled to Naples, Florida, for my sweet friend Brandi's wedding! It was so beautiful and we had a blast! We were worried about how Liam would do on the flights, but he actually did really well!

Something else I shared with y'all from the wedding is that I ALWAYS do my own hair and makeup for any weddings I am in. I'm just picky about it, and I always would rather change anything I don't like myself rather than telling someone that I don't like something! This time around I also needed the extra time with my baby boy, too, since he's still exclusively breast feeding. I wrote a whole blog post outlining the products I use, and I made a (sped-up) video of the application! You can find all of the products I use for my wedding makeup here and see the full tutorial on my "formal makeup" Instagram highlight!

You guys, my parents came over for dinner on Monday night and my dad tossed a napkin to me over a lit candle on the dinner table, and it caught on fire!! I was FREAKING out, I swore the house was about to burn down! Luckily my brave momma caught it with her bare hands and put it out. She's okay and everyone and everything is okay, but it was just so terrifying in the moment (and funny to recount afterwards!)