Doggie Allergy Tips

Just like humans.. animals get seasonal allergies too! So crazy to me! Our poor Lacie girl is struggling (just like her mom and dad) with allergies!! Of course, this time of year, we are outside much more often playing, grilling/eating and taking her on walks. We currently give our golden two Benadryl's per day with peanut butter to help with her allergies, but her eyes are still slightly watery and red and she chews at her paws often! I asked you guys for your recommendations and here's what I gathered below.

***** please run whatever you decide by your vet. These are recommendations I received, but I will not be trying anything out without contacting our vet first *****

Vet Options:

- Allergy shots at local vet (Cytopoint shot)

- Prescription allergy medication from local vet (Apoquel / Atopica)

General Recommendations:

- Frequent baths

- Wash her face / paws every time you come in from a walk (maybe with a hypoallergenic wipe)