Easy BBQ Biscuit Bake

Our BBQ Biscuit Bake is one of our GO-TO dinners because it is SIMPLE & delicious. My dad has been cooking this for us since I was a little girl. He said he found the recipe on the back of a biscuit can in college! Ha! I will put the exact items we use in parentheses below.

What you need:

Biscuits (Pillsbury)

Ground beef (we always used ground turkey)

BBQ sauce (sweet & spicy - Sweet Baby Rays)

Cheese (sharp chedder)

Cooking instructions:

Cook your ground beef or turkey in a skillet, drain

Add BBQ sauce to meat

Spray cooking oil in a pan (we use a clear pan so we can see when the biscuits are done)

Line the bottom of the pan with the biscuits, push down

Add meat with BBQ sauce over biscuits