HACKED - The Story

As many of you know, I was headed into the hospital on the morning of Monday, September 21st for my membrane sweep procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to (hopefully) naturally induce labor in the coming days. I posted an update to my Instagram stories letting everyone know that I was headed into the doctor's office later that morning, and then as most of you are probably aware...radio silence.

Before I tell you the story of what happened, let's start with what is most important. Liam is happy, healthy, and the love of our lives. No matter what happened with the accounts, our baby boy has made his grand entrance into the world and we couldn't be happier. I will be sharing SO many pictures and stories about Liam soon, so make sure you're following @lauraelizabethgraham on Instagram for all things baby Liam!

Now back to the story. That same Monday morning I began to receive emails to my inboxes indicating suspicious activity on my accounts. I have multiple social media accounts and many different email addresses, so I quickly began to make recommended changes. Unfortunately the hackers quickly accessed my Facebook and verified themselves using one of my email accounts. At that point they created new ad accounts on my business Facebook profile, used my saved credit card to purchase some Facebook ads, and then posted something (that I was never able to see) that was in violation of the Facebook Community Guidelines. I received a notification letting me know that a post that I (the hackers) had made had violated community standards and that my accounts were being disabled. The notice gave me the option of appealing the community violation, so naturally I clicked to put in an appeal.

It's worth noting that Facebook and Instagram have no live/human support. All support related requests are fielded via pre-existing forms. There are tons and TONS of forms! The community violation appeal did not allow me to include any information actually indicating that my accounts had been hacked or taken over, so when it came to reviewing the violation, they simply looked at the post that clearly went against standards and essentially said, "Yes, this is a violation. The review is final." Because my accounts were disabled and the the appeal had been reviewed, I could no longer submit any other support forms/appeals to initiate further review of my accounts. My Instagram account is linked to my personal and business Facebook accounts, so everything was taken down at once.