How to Land a Job

I just celebrated my one-year anniversary at my first full-time “big girl” job! I work in the Human Resources department at Discovery, Inc. Ya know like Discovery Channel, HGTV, The Property Brothers, Shark Week? I focus in Benefits there. I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. It seems like yesterday I was going through the job search. Searching for a job can be very stressful. In this post I will share what worked for ME when going through my job searches and interview processes. I also have a few years of recruiting experience, so I can help you understand what company recruiters are looking for. 

A little background:

I started off at Vanderbilt University to pursue my college soccer career; however, I transferred to The University of Tennessee and graduated with my bachelor's and master’s degrees there. My undergraduate major was Human Resources Management with a Marketing collateral. I went straight from undergrad to get my master’s degree in Management and Human Resources Management. 

Now enough about me, let's talk about YOU! I know this time can be stressful and tiresome. Trust me, I was in your shoes. Below I will discuss the importance of internships, networking, preparing for the interview process, and more!

The importance of Internships:

Throughout my time in college (undergrad + master’s), I had four internships. I cannot stress how important internships are nowadays, especially for college students. Companies are looking for degrees AND quality experience. Something that set me apart while job searching was that I had my degree as well as 4 years of Human Resources experience when I graduated. Thankfully, internships are usually paid now (they used to be unpaid). If you’re still in college, I highly recommend getting an internship at least during your one of your summer breaks. Yes, working as a server can get you good money, but internships will get you the quality experience employers are looking for. If at all possible, have your internship align with where you hope to go next.