Night time routine to feel in control

1. Family time. This can be my hubby and I taking Lacie on a walk around the neighborhood, watching a movie or our latest Netflix TV show, Luke doing his homework and I working on the blog. Anything as long as we're together :)

2. Make my lunch. I make my lunch and take it to work every single day. It's so much more healthy and it's cheaper.

3. Organize/clean up the house. Nothing makes me in a bigger tizzy than when I wake up in the morning, rush out the door for work, and the house is a mess! I have a much better day at work knowing that I'll come home to an organized, clean home.

4. I have always shower before bed. I feel like you're either a night time or a morning showerer! Lol!

5. Take my makeup off (I cannot remember the last time I feel asleep with it on), wash my face and lather my face and body in lotion! I&#