Reputation Management: 10 Tips

outfit: Buddy Love

article: written by LeeAnn Foster (Mama) of Team Foster Strategy

Many of you are interested in powerful and winning interview skills. Good for you! You are thinking and planning for your future. But, let’s take a step back. How about we look at teeing you up to present yourself in a way that you get to select who you will interview with because so many organizations want you to join their team.

Do me a favor! Take a piece of paper – any piece. Crunch it up into a paper wad. Now, straighten and flatten it out. Make it exactly like it was before you crunched it up. Impossible, isn’t it?

Now - - think of your character and reputation in relation to the piece of paper. Once you crunch them up, they will never be the same. Of course, with time, the conditions will improve should you consistently use good judgment. The amount of time this process takes can, however, set the jump start, r