Respect in the Workplace

Respect all day, every day? Are you serious? Yes – 24.7.365! Often times in the workplace we act in a disrespectful manner and do not even know we are doing so.

Self-awareness is the very first step towards being Emotionally Intelligent. What are you doing in the workplace that is unknowingly and unwillingly disrespectful?

After reading this article your work environment will improve, performance and behavior will begin to connect, and vulnerability will be appreciated. Read on to learn how to be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow!

A survey conducted by Chart Your Course International revealed the following:

To improve your workplace environment what would you like to see your supervisions/managers do?

Better Communication – 77%

Show more appreciation – 70%

Reward performance – 57%

Set the example – 55%

Show genuine concern – 50%

Handle performance problems – 42%

Here are 3 positive results from a more respectful workplace.

#1 An Improved Work Environment

#2 Connected Performance and Behavior

#3 Appreciated Vulnerabilit