Staying Positive / We're In This Together

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is staying put (as must as possible) and saying healthy. This is a strange time in the world so we need to stick together and support one another. Obviously, the most important thing right now is keeping America (& the world) safe and as healthy as possible, but quarantining can have lots of negative effects..

I asked you all earlier today how I can be praying for you right now. Some of the prayer requests I received broke my heart and I've prayed over each and every one of them.

How can we come together to pray for others? Keep these people in mind when saying your prayers tonight:

- At risk groups: the elderly, pregnant women and those with lower than normal immune systems

- Small business owners

- Those who had to cancel graduations, weddings, other milestone events

- All healthcare professionals that are on the front line of this pandemic

- Grocery store workers