We're Moving!

As you may have seen on Instagram, WE’RE MOVING! I figured that since moving can be such a stressful, confusing time in life I would write a mini-series for you all to refer back to once you start this journey yourself.

First, I want to explain WHY we are moving:

We are staying here in Knoxville, but we are moving to a new (to us) house! We closed on our current house in July of 2018. Lukey moved in and held down the fort until after our wedding in October and then I moved in, too! We really, really love our current house, but we knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be our long-term home to raise a family in. We wanted to use it more as a starter home to begin our lives together.

We weren’t planning on moving houses for another couple of years, but the federal interest rates fell under 4% for the first time in AGES. We talked about it and prayed over it and decided that if we were already planning to upgrade our home within the next three or so years we might as well go for it while the interest rates are lower to save some money in the long run.

We met with a realtor in early August to start looking, not really having our hearts set on finding anything. Luckily the LAST house we looked at was PERFECT!! It had all of the criteria that we wanted in our family home:

- Safe neighborhood

- Open floor plan

- Large bonus and dining rooms

- Good school district (we are zoned for Hardin Valley Academy)

- Fenced in backyard

- Screened in back porch

- Safe neighborhood

- Corner lot

We made an offer and waited anxiously to hear back. They accepted it and we set our closing date for October 1, 2019, about six weeks later!