Your "Gorilla". Cast Your Worry on Him.

Sometimes it's difficult to face your "gorilla", but sometimes it's even more difficult to identify your "gorilla".

Your gorilla can be anxiety, codependency, an eating disorder, worry, porn, being a perfectionist, alcohol, etc. It can be anything under the sun. Anything that you dwell on or cannot seem to get away from.

We tend to tell ourselves.. "Oh it's ok! I have my gorilla on a "leash"! I have complete control over my gorilla." When in reality, our gorilla has us on a leash. Our lives can revolve around our gorilla. At this point, I challenge us to identify what is keeping us back from our best selves and what's getting in the way of our relationship with God. At this point, we must cast our worry and anxiety on Him.

Two small examples: